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The GPO Orchestration Challenges are just for fun.  They challenge you to use Garritan libraries and your own creativity to orchestrate a certain theme in any way you want.  Any Garritan library user may participate.  Participants generally have around four weeks to create their orchestrations, and then submit them to whoever set that particular challenge.  Entries are then anonymously posted and voted upon by Northern Sound Source forum members.  The winner becomes the writer for the next Challenge's theme.




1) Your entry should have substantially been created using Garritan libraries (GPO, JABB, Strad).


2) You may enter as many times as you'd like, as long as each entry is substantially different.

3) The Orchestration Challenge is to take the theme and create a couple of minutes of music (there are currently no strict time limits) in the style of your choosing, doing whatever you like to the theme as long as it is substantially recognisable.

4) The winner is chosen after the entries have been posted anonymously on the NSS forum, and the forum members have voted for their favorite in a poll. How the forum members judge which is their favorite is totally up to them.

5) The winner of the Challenge wins nothing, except the acclaim of the forum, and the honour of setting the next Challenge.


6) The Challenge Setter may not enter his or her own Challenge.





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