Blockhead Wars

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Basketball in Blockhead Wars

Blockhead Wars is a small 2-player computer game designed and programmed by Sean Patrick Hannifin in the summer of 2003. The game consists of two "blockheads" and five games they can play. The game was created with 3D GameStudio and won 2nd place in the "A6 Summer 2003 Physics Contest" for which Hannifin received a cash prize of $100.


The five games included in Blockhead Wars are:

  1. Volleyball - players must not let the ball touch their side of the floor
  2. Basketball - players try to hit the ball through their opponent's basket while defending their own
  3. Paddleball - players gain and lose points by hitting paddles on the wall with the ball
  4. Boxball - players try to destroy the boxes floating above their opponent with the ball before their opponent destroys the boxes floating about theirs
  5. Bombball - with a time limit, players try to hit the ball over a large wall so that it won't explode while it's on their side

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