Landora Calendar System I

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The Landora Calendar System I was the most popular calendar system in Landora and in many of the secret kingdoms magically linked to it.

In the system, a year is made up strictly of 360 days.

Year 1 began during the Landorian Revolution, when the calendar system was decided upon by the Landorian Council.

In this system, a year is split into three periods, or gales, each composed of 120 days. Each gale is composed of five shorter periods, called flocks, each composed of 24 days. Each flock is further broken down into three even shorter periods, called keeps, each composed of 8 days.

Written dates

There are a few ways to write dates in this system.

The most common way is to write the gale and the day number, followed by the year. For example, Gen 34 913 (34th day in the gale Gen in the year 913), or Flic 91 913 (91st day in the gale Flic in the year 913). It is also sometimes common to write "1", "2", or "3" for the gale instead of the name for the gale. The previous examples might also therefore be written as 1-34-913 or 3-91-913 respectively.

The formal, but far less common, way of writing dates involves using the names of both the gales and flocks. For example, a date might be written as Gen Rolick 8 913 (8th day in the Rolick flock in the Gen gale in year 913) or Flic Korlin 20 913 (20th day in the Korlin flock in the Flic gale in the year 913). Sometimes the position of the gale and flock are reversed, so the date may be written as Rolick Gen 8 913 or Korlin Flic 20 913. Sometimes the name of the gale is dropped, as it can be inferred by the name of the flock. For example, Rolick 8 913 and Korlin 20 913 would be acceptable, though less common.

List of gales and flocks

  1. Gen
    1. Bovina
    2. Rolick
    3. Hodden
    4. Bryford
    5. Rimlin
  2. Byin
    1. Tryn
    2. Tolot
    3. Forlock
    4. Vedornia
    5. Sim
  3. Flic (or Flick)
    1. Kop
    2. Silmon
    3. Korlin
    4. Byord
    5. Ern (or Erp)

List of keeps

  1. Golir
  2. Gotrin
  3. Gan (or Gane)

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