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Morrowgrand was a fictional kingdom from The Book Of Harbringer. It was a secret kingdom on the continent of Landora from the years -295 to 1345 (using the Landora Calendar System I).


Morrowgrand was founded in -295 by the rebels of the Great Dardanian War, which was composed of about 2,300 people. The leader of the rebels, Andronius, became the first king of Morrowgrand. In -290, he was overthrown by the Guardlians, who were critical of his high tax policies, and Hyet became king. Hyet and his descendants ruled until the year 908, when King Harlot died mysteriously and his only son, Harbringer, was banished. Uklam then ruled for four years until he too died.

In the year 1345, the kingdom was conquered by Trypolia.

The population of Morrowgrand when it was founded was 2,300. It rose steadily through the centuries due not only to high birth rates, but also to immigrants who left the neighboring kingdoms of Gynwig and Dardania. The rate of immigration grew so rapidly that in the year 314, Morrowgrand built enormous artificial mountains around their western and north-western borders, making it extremely difficult and dangerous for immigrants to enter (though a few still managed to get in). In the year 715 it is estimated the population reached 1,000,000. In the year 730, the population dropped rapidly from (according to estimates) a little over 1,020,000 to 312,000 due to the Crowlin Plague. The population once again steadily rose to 1,500,000 by the time the kingdom was conquered in 1345.