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The Melody Box is a screenplay by Sean Patrick Hannifin. It is about a young composer who receives a music box that writes infinite melodies.


Hannifin began planning the story in late 2008, originally intending to write it as a novel. However, he realized music would be a vital part of the story, and decided it might work as a fictional podcast. In January 2009, Hannifin decided the story would most appropriately work as a film, and subsequently began writing it as his first screenplay.

Hannifin worked on the screenplay on and off throughout 2009, and finally completely large portions of the first draft in January 2010.

The screenplay is currently collecting dust. Hannifin plans on rewriting it as a novel at some point, as he originally intended.


  • William Wobbler (14) makes music boxes until he mysteriously receives the melody box, which writes infinite melodies. He uses the box to establish himself as a successful composer.
  • John Tallion (70s) is Wobbler's great uncle and guardian. He is a set designer for Crown Theater, as well as a popular librettist.
  • Andrew Burnfire (14) is William's best friend and competing composer.
  • Leopold Burnfire (50s) is Andrew's father. He was at one time a famous composer, but stopped composing not long after his wife died while giving birth to Andrew.
  • Mr. Larkin (60s) is Crown Theater's manager, who handles all theater business.
  • Christine (15) is a popular singer who appears in many of Crown Theater's musical productions.
  • Scarlet Evro (60s) is an old deaf widow who owns Crown Theater, having inherited it from her father.
  • Henry Wobbler (40s) is William's father. When William is a baby, Henry abandons him, giving him to Tallion.
  • Stephen Barrow (12) is a musical prodigy who writes popular musicals that tour the world.
  • Elizabeth Burnfire (dead) is Andrew's dead mother and Leopold's dead wife. She died giving birth to Andrew. She is not really a character, she is only referred to every now and then.

(Hannifin reckons the ages of William, Andrew, and Christine could work anywhere from 13 to 20... older than children, but not yet independent.)


The story takes place in the years 1900-1901 in a large theater (called Crown Theater) and its surrounding housings. It's exact location in the world is ambiguous (and not important to the story).

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