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The Book of Harbringer is an unfinished fantasy novel by Sean Patrick Hannifin. It is about a young banished prince who returns to the kingdom he was banished from to oust an evil king. The "book" the title refers to is Harbringer's journal, which plays an important part in the plot.


Hannifin began planning the novel in October 2008, expanding on an idea he originally had for a short story. He began writing the novel on November 1, 2008 for NaNoWriMo 2008, but was only able to write about 34,000 words in that month, thus losing NaNoWriMo.

Hannifin abandoned the story in 2009, shortly after the wordcount surpassed 50,000.


Viewpoint characters

  • Harbringer - was the prince of Morrowgrand, but was banished after his father, the king, fell ill and died
  • Borshadow - a healer and owner of a medicine farm; he hires Harbringer after he is banished, not knowing of his past
  • Hadrel - Harbringer's childhood friend
  • Sorren
  • Keeper

Other characters

  • Torrian - friend of Hadrel's, thought to be the best fighter in the Morrowgrand Academy
  • Haven - Hadrel's twin sister and childhood friend of Harbringer
  • Bryswig - an inventor and friend of Hadrel's
  • Nodd - Nott's older brother, a fighter and friend of Hadrel's
  • Nott - Nodd's younger brother, a fighter and Hadrel's best friend
  • Lanklot - an old professor at the Academy
  • Uklam - the new King of Morrowgrand after the banishment of Harbringer
  • Timbridge - head of health services in the Uklam Towers
  • The Three Assassins - a group of assassins, duh
  • Harbringer's parents (through excerpts in Harbringer's journal) - parents of Harbringer, obviously


The story takes place largely within the Kingdom of Morrowgrand in the last 7 flocks of the year 912.


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Within Morrowgrand

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