Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The end of 2004 . . .

The year of 2004 has now come to an end. Let us remember the important events that happened in 2004:

Completed Opuses 7 - 10 including:

The Aeneid
Canon No 2 in C major
March of the Canterbury Tales
Octet in A minor

Wow, I sure got a lot done . . . but I did begin writing some new longer pieces (with multiple movements!), which I will post when I finish.

Well, the second semester of college has begun. Let's see how much I can get accomplished. I will hopefully update the site a bit more some time this week.

Of course, I did not win the Garritan Orchestration Competition. The winners can be found at:


They have already announced another competition for next year, so there is another chance!

Many thanks to Anynomous who keeps talking to me.


Anonymous said...

so what was your competition piece?

8:41 AM  
Sean Patrick Hannifin said...

The competition piece was the first movement to my Symphony. I will release the Symphony when all movements are complete. And that could be a while . . .

I am currently working on the second movement. There will be three or four movements in all.

3:04 AM  

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