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Challenge Setter : rbowser-


Theme : MIDI file



Entries :


     Entry 1 with 5 votes by wrayer

     Entry 2 with 7 votes by wrayer

     Entry 3 with 9 votes by trentpmcd

     Entry 4 with 5 votes by wrayer

     Entry 5 with 5 votes by trentpmcd

     Entry 6 with 6 votes by SeanHannifin

     Entry 7 with 14 votes by AMDG

     Entry 8 with 5 votes by rayzalaf

     Entry 9 with 5 votes by Richard N.

     Entry 10 with 7 votes by RichR

     Entry 11 with 5 votes by JohnnyP

     Entry 12 with 20 votes by oldbob WINNER


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